Banana Pikelets

Banana Pikelets

1 Cup Self Raising Flour.
¼ tsp. Bi Carb Soda.
6 desert spoons of sugar.
¾ cup of milk.
1 tsp. Vinegar.
1 egg.
1 dessert spoon of margarine (melted).
2 banana's (mashed).


Sift together the SR. Flour, Bi Carb Soda & sugar, then add milk, vinegar, egg & melted butter.
Combine all these ingredients with a wooden spoon and let stand for 1 hour.
Add the mashed Banana's, heat the pan and place half the mixture in the frypan allow to cook and then turn.
Take out of frypan and then spread with margarine, cinnamon & caster sugar and cut in to 8th's.

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