Camebert Cheese & Strawberry Wedge Canape

Camebert Cheese Strawberry Canape

Canape bases (half dinner roll or melba toast).
125g Whole Camembert Cheese.
Coral lettuce leaf for garnish.
Walnut halves.
1 Mandarin.
Spring Onion Curl for garnish.


Cut the camembert cheese into 8 or 16 wedges - depending on the size of canape base.
Place walnut half on high end of the camembert wedge.
If desired add a small portion of coral green lettuce leaf under the camembert wedge.
Place thinly sliced mandarin segments on top of the camembert wedge.
Cut strawberries in half then from the half cut a small wedge & place on top.
Garnish with a Spring Onion curl (narrow strip of spring onion left in water until curled).

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