Mini Quiches

Mini Quiches

1 x 375g pack of filo pastry.
(makes approx. 80 mini quiches - 1 sheet pastry = 4 quiches).
300g melted butter.

Quiche Mix:
1 doz large eggs.
1 ltr milk.
30ml cream.
Season to taste.

1 bunch uncooked English Spinach (chopped).
2 bunches cooked fresh asparagus cut into small portions.
1 Kg Sauteed Mushroom.
1 whole brown Onion (diced).
Topping – grated cheese.


Brush filo sheet with melted butter, fold and cut into 4.
Line the mini baking tins with the filo and leave to one side.
Fill mini baking tins with a teaspoon of  filling of your choice.
Beat eggs, milk, cream & seasoning together and leave to one side.
Pour the egg mix into each mini quiche and top with grated cheese.
Cook in 180 deg C oven for approx. 20 minutes.
Remove from baking tins, and serve hot or cold.

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